Insecurity – Mindset

For years, I have been insecure. Nobody really knew that about me. I was ashamed; wearing a mask. A feeling that kills joy and restricts one’s life in many ways. I was insecure about;⠀

– My position in life⠀
– My body⠀
– My financial situation⠀

For me, being insecure about certain things, such as my body, transformed lots of activities that should be fun into hell. I couldn’t enjoy going to the beach for example, because I was ashamed. ⠀

I was wasting time and energy on what everybody else thought of me. One day, a few years ago, it changed. But how? Realizing that time is the only limited, untradeable, currency in life.⠀

Use the time you get for the good, instead of wasting it on other people’s opinions. Let’s be you! Build your brand by being you and in addition to that remain true to yourself. ⠀

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