Fear itself is scary

This is a rather normal picture; a selfie.⠀

Do you see my fear?

The visible aspect is primary, but the second aspect is the invisible. Fear.⠀

Since the accident, March ‘18 and the unexpected death of a good friend a few weeks later, my mind has had some issues adjusting to normal life. ⠀

Fear has had control over a huge part of my life for quite a while. It took over my brain in such a way that I was unable to enjoy life. Fear occupied my mind every minute of the day. Death was so close that I added a life- and funeral insurance to my insurance package. I could not get it out of my head.⠀

Months later, after reading lots of books and talking to many people about this topic the panic attacks decreased in frequency. ⠀

I will share more posts about my experiences and journey via this account! ⠀

Use the time you get for the good, instead of wasting it on fear. Build your brand by being you and in addition to that remain true to yourself. 

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