This website is my personal blog. I share everything that I can think of, with a focus on mindset. One of the most important influencers in life is your own mind. Once you start thinking positive, you start acting that way. Having a real connection with people seems to be the second major influencer.

It starts with you. Be good. Focus on the goals that you set for yourself. Share them with others, work for it. Nothing will come to you without working for it. Would you have been able to walk without falling? Don’t think life is different.

For me, I recognized this power in my mind a few years ago but ignored it. I was this person that expected millions to come my way because I was thinking about it all the time. Crazy isn’t it? Yes, it is.
Even though I was aware of the power of the mind, I didn’t do shit with it.

My mind was controlled with insecurity, fear and aspects of my mind considered as flaws by other people. One major aspect changed in my life.

I stopped giving a fuck about the opinion of others.
In my opinion, it’s the only way to experience freedom.

This page is to share my story, life and growth.

Much love,


My goal is to disable disability, disqualify inequality and to provide humanity with Maslow’s Hierarchy from breathing to morality.